Business Analysis

Unlock business potential with our tailored business analysis services for large enterprises. We specialize in advising and implementing process enhancements, particularly in the realm of entrepreneurship and new business software integration. Our focus is unwaveringly on optimizing end-user and customer experiences. Elevate your operations with our expertise, ensuring seamless transitions and maximizing the impact of innovative solutions for your organization's success.


ERP Selection

Are you thinking about getting an ERP system? There's a significant possibility you'll become sidetracked when hunting for the proper system. There are several options and service providers to choose from. Which party and which system is most suited to your organization? What should you consider before making a decision? And who should you enlist the help of? We'll help you to go through how to approach such a selection process step by step and togerther we'll find the right system!


Select the ERP software that is appropriate for your company's needs and plan.

Predictable Costs

ERPLAB constantly considers costs, the introduction of a new ERP system frequently entails unforeseen circumstances, together, we seek the most cost-effective option.

Test & Training

We test extensively in preparation and train everyone before and after going live!

Project Management

ERPLAB can assist you in managing the implementation of your ERP solution. We know precisely how to relieve you as a client of any conceivable obstacles that you may meet along the way, thanks to our many years of expertise. In the interim, your firm may carry on with its operations without fear of the project inflicting harm to it.


Define the project needs

We look at what the needs are, and we look for the goals that will make the project a success!


Together we work on a breakdown structure so we can decide the step-by-step approach and integrate scope, costs and deliverables.


We only deliver if everyone is pleased, a successful project is dependent on a variety of elements, including follow-up, coaching, and aftercare... we will always be there for you as a client after delivery!

IT Consulting

Along with crafting the optimal software toolkit for your business, we will adjust it to the strategy and consult on the possible ways of development that you haven’t implied before.


Service Desk

Our Service Desk is all on providing excellent customer service and assistance. Furthermore, it will assist you in minimizing the expenses associated with forced office downtimes, providing you with complete cost transparency regarding its operations.

IT Integration

A collection of services aimed at adapting the customer's IT infrastructure to new, ever-changing business and technological needs. Integration services include the deployment of new systems on modern platforms, the addition of new functions through software updates, system migration, and the consolidation (or virtualization) of presently utilized environments.

Continuity of Operations

We also offer a specific set of services, which eliminates the need for you to be concerned about the availability of your systems. This solution is intended for clients for whom system downtime might result in considerable financial losses.


Webdesign - Social media

We specialize in animated, straightforward, and easy-to-maintain websites. In addition, we can provide you with a brandkit that includes a logo and web design, as well as manage all of your social media tools.


We will meet your deadline by delivering a highly functional website for your organization. We provide anything from official websites to event websites.


If you are looking for a look-and-feel or logo for your organization, we can create an unlimited number of logos for you, as well as a complete brandkit that you can use for your social media and website. A one-of-a-kind selection on the market!

Social media

We have specialists on staff that can not only manage your entire web marketing campaign but also advise you. From Facebook to TikTok, we can create everything from short films to artwork for these platforms.

App Development

Do you want an app for your company's employees or an app that works in conjunction with your ERP software? We can design it for any business, and we can deliver it in one day owing to our no-code app creation tools.


No-Code App

We can provide swiftly because of the latest No-Code app technology. After we deploy the app, we will train you and your team on how to maintain and develop it!

Hybrid Mobile App 

Thanks to a unique combination of native and web app technologies, we can design cross-platform apps that function in a variety of situations.

Android vs ios

We have all of the knowledge and experience required to create full-fledged, robust, and scalable mobile applications, in android or ios.

Adaptable to every project

Not only do we specialize in ERP software implementation, but we also have in-house professionals for training in different software, testing, coaching, and business processes. In summary, we are adaptable to every project!



Employee training determines whether a project succeeds or fails. The employee's expertise will guarantee that the company has knowledge, skills, and quality through intense training and additional follow-up.

Business processes

Do the terms agile, scrum, and prince have any meaning for you? These are tools that will help you streamline your business processes. We can look at how we can improve your company procedures to make them more enjoyable and efficient for your staff.

Software testing

From unit testing to functional testing, acceptance testing, end-to-end testing, we can do it all for you! We have in-house expertise to ensure that your latest software is functioning properly.

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